Constantin Diehl, President/CEO
Jack Elston, Vice President (Blackswift Technologies)
Rinaldo Brown Director, Business Development (Eye in the Sky UAS)
David Couch Director, Legislative Affairs (Red Scarf Enterprises)
Bill Emison, Director of Communications (Emison Technical Marketing)
Ken Hanes, Director, Membership Services (AGL Drone Services)
Andrew Lindemann, Director, Industry Interface (Leptron UAS)
Josh Schroeder, Director, Community Relations (Metro State Univ)
Corey Snipes, Director, Corporate Systems (Twomile Heavy Industries, Inc.)
Greg White, Director, Outreach, Research & Education (APEX Unmanned)

Board of Directors:
Sean D. McClung, Chairman, Board of Directors
John Huguley, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors (PAE)
Allen Bishop, Secretary, Board of Directors (Reference Technologies)
Constantin Diehl, Member, Board of Directors and President/CEO (UAS Colorado)
Brian Argrow, Member, Board of Directors (Univ of Colorado, Boulder)
Jeff Cozart, Member, Board of Directors (Juniper Unmanned)