Welcome to Colorado! We’re home to a number of world-class UAS test areas, covering all types of terrain. We’re happy to help you connect with a program that suits your needs.  Feel free to contact us, or reach out directly to the test areas using the contact information below.

San Luis ValleyChaffee County (coming soon)
ProgramsCounty UAS Program
Educational Program

County UAS Program
Educational Program
County UAS Program
FAA       Approvals8100 Square Miles of Operations Area
15,000 ft MSL and below
2 airfields approved for UAS operations: 1V8 and 04V
Medium size UAS (above 55 lb MTOW) approved
Chase Operations approved
7,500 ft AGL for UAS operations
(from ground to ceiling at 15,000 ft MSL).
2 COAs
up to 55 lb
400 ft AGL
HighlightsMountanous Terrain
Extensive Agriculture
360 kV Powerlines
Rapid Mountain Streams
Mountains & Valleys
ContactSan Luis Valley UAS Program Director
Francis S. Song
Alamosa County
8900 Independence Way
Alamosa, CO 81101
719 589 1133 (work)
719 298 6157 (mobile)
Wendell Pryor
(719) 207-0801