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To Champion the Colorado Unmanned Aircraft Ecosystem

Go-Go-Gadget Camera

Description – Join RMUASP for a learning opportunity featuring Nick Onelio with PhaseOne.
  • Why use medium format cameras rather than DSLR on UAVs?
  • Do you need to get high-resolution imagery for reading pole serial numbers, cotter pins, and detailed insight on the asset you are inspecting or monitoring?
  • The understanding of imagery on UAVs. Learn about equipping end-users with the highest quality imagery & possible payloads for inspection or monitoring projects.
Join the meeting from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. About Phase One Industrial: Phase One Industrial, a division of Phase One A/S, researches, develops and manufactures medium and large format digital photography systems, software, and imaging solutions for industrial markets. Solutions range from aerial image acquisition to machine vision applications and cultural heritage preservation. Whether mapping the globe, executing industrial inspections, or preserving priceless works of art and documents, the focus is on imaging accuracy.