To Champion the Colorado Unmanned Aircraft Ecosystem

San Luis Valley

UAS Colorado Ranges
  • Programs:
    Ths is the meta
    County UAS Program
    Educational Program
  • FAA Approvals:

    8100 Square Miles of Operations Area
    15,000 ft MSL and below
    2 airfields approved for UAS operations: 1V8 and 04V
    Medium size UAS (above 55 lb MTOW) approved
    Chase Operations approved
    7,500 ft AGL for UAS operations (from ground to ceiling at 15,000 ft MSL).

  • Highlights:

    Mountainous Terrain
    Extensive Agriculture

  • Contact:

    San Luis Valley UAS Program Director
    Jason T. Kelly
    P.O. Box 178
    8900-A Independence Way
    Alamosa, CO 81101

    Tel: (719) 587-5167
    Fax: (719) 589-9794

UAS Colorado is a non-profit business league, committed to promoting and improving the aerospace industry in Colorado, particularly supporting the safe integration and use of unmanned aircraft systems throughout the state for the benefit of the public.
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