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To Champion the Colorado Unmanned Aircraft Ecosystem

Glossary of Terms

Terms commonly used in the aerospace/aviation industry.


3D – 3-Dimensional
501(c)(6) – Non-profit organization devoted to business purposes

A&P – Airframe and Powerplant
ABSAA – Airborne Sense and Avoid
AF – Air Force
AOCC – Air Operation Control Center
ARFF – Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
ARTCC – Air Route Traffic Control Center
ATO – Air Traffic Organization
ATP – Airline Transport Pilot
ATC – Air Traffic Control
AUGNet – Ad-Hoc Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ground Networking
AUVSI – Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
AVO – Air Vehicle Operator

BLM – Bureau of Land Management
BVLOS – Beyond Visual Line of Site

C2 – Communications and Control
C3 – Communications, Command, and Control
CASA – Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere
CDOT – Colorado Department of Transportation
CDOT-A – Colorado Department of Transportation – Aeronautics Division
CFI – Certified Flight Instructor
CFR – Code of Federal Regulations
CO – Colorado
COA – Certificate of Authorization
CONOPS – Concepts of Operations
COUAS – Colorado UAS

DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DHS – Department of Homeland Security
DIA – Denver International Airport
DOC – Department of Commerce
DOD – Department of Defense
DOI – Department of the Interior

EP – External Pilot
ERAST – Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology

FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
FCC – Federal Communications Commission
FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Administration
FHSS – Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
FL – Flight Level
FOD – Foreign Objects and Debris
FSDO – Flight Standards District Office

GCS – Ground Control Station
GHz – Gigahertz
GPS – Global Positioning System

IFR – Instrument Flight Rules
IR – Instrument Flight Rules Routes
ITAR – International Traffic in Arms Regulations

JPDO – Joint Planning and Development Office

LOS – Line of Site

MACA – Mid-Air Collision Avoidance
MHz – Megahertz
MOA – Military Operations Area

NAS – National Airspace System
NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NETUAS – Networked Unmanned Aircraft System
NETUASC3 – Networked Unmanned Aircraft System Communication, Command, Control
NEXGEN – Next Generation
NEXRAD – Next-Generation Radar
NSF – National Science Foundation
NTSB – National Transportation Safety Board
NTIA – National Telecommunications and Information Administration

PIC – Pilot in Command
POTUS – President of the United States

R&D – Research and Development
RAPS – Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety
RPV – Remotely Piloted Vehicle

SAA – Sense and Avoid
SCAA – Spaceport Colorado & Aeronautical Authority
SIF – Space Infrastructure Foundation
SIR – Screening Information Request
SSS – Strategic Simulation Solutions
sUAS – small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

TS – Test Site

UA – Unmanned Aircraft
UAS – Unmanned Aerial System
U.S. – United States of America
USAFA – United States Air Force Academy
USGS – United States Geological Survey

VHF – Very High Frequency
VPOTUS – Vice President of the United States
VTOL – Vertical Take-Off Landing

WiFi – Wireless Fidelity